Raigarh Police issues fresh covid-19 lockdown curbs: whats allowed whats not.

 Raigarh Police issues fresh covid-19 lockdown curbs: whats allowed whats not.

Raigarh: Amid a surge in the number of Covid-19 cases in Chhattisgarh’s Raigarh  the district administration have also decided to imposed lockdown from here from April 14 across the district.


Raigarh Superintendent of Police Santosh Singh had the virtual meeting of all the gazetted police officers and police station in-charge of the district to make the lockdown properly functional. Lockdown to be held from 6:00 am on April 14 Wednesday. Additional SP, CSP, Traffic DSP along with the police station, outpost in-charge of the city were presented during the meeting.


Additional SP Abhishek Verma clarified the action to be taken by the police during the lockdown period. He stated stating the guidelines issued by the district administration regarding the lockdown, after which important instructions have been given by the S P Santosh Singh to make the lockdown successful in the district.


SP Singh said “earlier also the lockdown to prevent infection has been successfully carried out with the help of district police, administration and public. To make this lockdown smooth, the police force will be made available by tonight with adequate resources in all police stations.

We have been requesting people that they wear masks otherwise they have to pay penalties, avoid moving out unnecessarily and follow the lockdown measures. This is a complete lockdown, there is also a time limit for the essential items, the people in charge will proceed with the fine on the people who are moving unnecessarily after the scheduled time”.


“Under no circumstances the employees deployed in the barrier cannot leave the barrier, the employees engaged in the barrier will be in contact with the senior officers, in case of any problem arises. Hospitals and all related medical establishments will continue to remain functional. The transportation for all medical personals ,nurses, para-medical staff and other hospital support services are permitted with showing their I-Cards. shop related to ration, food, groceries, fruits, vegetable, dairy and milk boots will be get open and close by the time limit given  otherwise police will take strict action against them” SP added.    


“Complaints will be registered in case of abusive behaviour with the police or violating lockdown guidelines by the public from anywhere in the district ,further proceed to the FIR with strict fine as required” he said further.


According to the instructions given to the cops in the meeting, that it is necessary to strictly follow the lockdown rules, but do not do any work that leads to the wrong message. The district police will take strict action against those who are ignore the rules, all cops should also take care and perform the work with take precautions of themselves too.