Minister Amarjeet Bhagat laughs off the allegations of BJP Kisan Morcha.

Minister Amarjeet Bhagat laughs off the allegations of BJP Kisan Morcha.

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Raipur. Food Minister Amarjeet Bhagat has responded to the allegations made by the BJP Kisan Morcha. The Kisan Morcha had alleged that the state had lost nine lakh quintals of paddy. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the Food Minister Bhagat laughed it off. On the allegations, including the data of the Kisan Morcha –

There is no need to respond to such absurd talks.

However, he could not clarify how much paddy is missing and how much got wasted. On the contrary, Minister Amarjeet Bhagat said

We had an extra 20 lakh tons of paddy. We gave ten to the vendors; it is up to them to pick it up. The central government did not cooperate with us. No one is commenting on that.

It is noteworthy that the BJP Kisan Morcha had challenged that if their allegations are proven wrong, then the government should file an FIR against them. On this issue, the Food Minister said.

Do not talk of FIR; these people cannot take it. They run straight to court.

During the discussion with journalists in the press conference organized for the two years achievements of the government, the press asked –

Your constituency has had incidents of illegal sand mining. There were also reports of journalists getting beaten up.

Minister Amarjeet Bhagat said replied,

There is no illegal mining in my area. And if anyone is beating (people), then let me clarify that I have nothing to do with anyone like that.

Another question was about his ear problem.

"There was some problem in your ears; you could not hear anything. Now everything is fine, isn't it?"

The Food Minister answered with a smile,

"Hear no evil.. see no evil.. speak no evil.. so that's why if something bad happens, I can't hear it."