Baby Elephant dies due to drowning in pond, stir in the forest department

Baby Elephant dies due to drowning in pond, stir in the forest department
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Korba. The process of elephant deaths in the state is not taking the name of stopping. The new case is of the Lamna beat of the Kendai range of the Katghora forest. A month old baby elephant has died due to drowning in the pond here. As soon as the news of Baby Elephant's death came out, there was a stir among the officers and they reached the spot. There, the Baby Elephant was cremated on the spot after performing post-mortem by the vet.
For the past few days, a group of 46 elephants was wandering in the Kendai range of the Katghora forest. There are also four calves in the herd. Out of which two calves were born a month ago. This group of elephants was wandering around the village panchayat Lamna on Friday night. The body of a baby Elephant included in the herd was found on the banks of a pond on the farm of a villager on Saturday morning. How Baby Elephant died is beyond comprehension. It is believed that the herd must have been drinking water in the pond, during this time the baby elephant must have been trapped in the group and died. Bilaspur Chief Conservator of Forests (CCF) Anil Soni, Forest Officer Shama Farooqui, Sub-Divisional Officer (SDO) AK Tiwari, Forest Officer Ashwani Choubey reached the spot with their entire team as soon as the news of Baby Elephant's death surfaced, after which the veterinarian did the post mortem of the Baby Elephant and its last rites were performed on the spot.
Third death within a year
For the past one year, a group of 46 elephants is living in Etmanagar, Kendai, Pasan range of Katghora forest division. During one year, three elephants of this herd have died. One elephant fell from the mountain and the other died due to being trapped in a swamp in village Kulhariya. The trekking is not done properly by the department to look after elephants, which leads to such incidents.
Elephants are camping in the mountain 2 kilometers away
After Baby Elephant's death, the herd of elephants is camping on the mountain, 2 km from the spot. In view of the danger, the Forest Department has made the village panchayat in Lamna and its surrounding area. Also, the people living in the houses which are far away from the township and raw have been shifted to the government building by the forest department to save them from the catastrophe if in case the herd enters the village at night. Forest Department officers and employees have been deployed separately in the surrounding areas by the Forest Department.
Death due to drowning in the pond
"Baby Elephant must have been separated from its herd and died by drowning while drinking water in a nearby pond. This is a natural death. There is no question of any kind of investigation in this. Here, a herd of 46 elephants is wandering in which two calves have recently been born. There is a possibility that the baby elephant who has died due to drowning in the pond is one of the two."
-Anil Soni (CCF, Bilaspur Division)