Bilaspur and Surguja Range police organizes virtual forensic science workshop “First National E-Conference, 2021”

Bilaspur and Surguja Range police organizes virtual forensic science workshop “First National E-Conference, 2021”

Raipur: A two-day long online workshop on forensic science “First National E-Conference, 2021” was organized by Bilaspur and Surguja Range Police and Bilaspur Forensic Investigation Agency for police officers of Bilaspur and Surguja range.

Forensic experts highlighted the importance of forensic science and digital or cyber forensic science for evidence during the workshop. Special director general of police RK Vij gave a detailed lecture on collection of digital evidence during the investigation by the police officers in today’s era of increasing cybercrimes.

Vij said that the biggest challenge before the police at present is the identification, storage, acquisition and protection of digital evidence related to online crimes. It is very important to have its knowledge. Crimes are being committed by criminals constantly changing ways through electronic devices, internet, Facebook, WhatsApp. Following the given guidelines of the Government of India, it is necessary for every police officer to have knowledge about the entire process of sending evidence to cyber labs for testing and presenting them in the court, so that the original form of the evidence remains as is, which can be admissible in the court, then only online Criminals will be caught in crimes and the victims will get justice.

He also stressed on the need to bring awareness in the society so that people can avoid online crime and in case of crime, they can immediately complain online on toll free number 155260 and Vij said that more than Rs 65 lakh of online fraud have been prevented from reaching the accused by the Chhattisgarh cyber team and money has also been refunded to the victims of online fraud in Agra and Delhi. It is very important to train the police officers/employees by running continuous training programs regarding online crimes.

He added that there is a need to organize such programmes in the entire state. Inspector General of Police Bilaspur and Surguja Range Ratanlal Dangi, all Superintendents of Police Bilaspur and Surguja Range, forensic experts and more than 200 police officers participated in the workshop through video conferencing.