BJP State in charge D Purandeshwari asserts that Chhattisgarh has now seen the true face of Congress

BJP State in charge D Purandeshwari asserts that Chhattisgarh has now seen the true face of Congress

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Jagdalpur. To return to power, BJP is fighting in the state. BJP's state in-charge D Purandeshwari is holding a three-day meeting. Addressing journalists, she said that Chhattisgarh must have understood by now that Congress has come to power based on lies. Congress came to power by making big promises in the manifesto, but they did not fulfil them. Two and a half years have passed, and we are now strategizing the issues we will raise in public.


She said that Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel declared that I am the son of a farmer, and the farmers are receiving a support price of Rs 2500. But in the same state, five hundred farmers have committed suicide in two and a half years. Farmers are worried about paddy seeds, are troubled by power cuts. What kind of justice is this to farmers?


She said that Congress talked about giving allowance to the unemployed in the manifesto, but nothing happened. Corruption is happening in PSC. The government has cheated the youth. The state in-charge of BJP said that the government promised to cut the electricity bill in half, but now the tariff has increased.


Regarding the shortcomings within the BJP, D Purandeshwari said that this is a continuous process in any organization. On the deletion of names of many BJP leaders from Chintan Shivir, she said that anyone can come. On the increasing prices of petrol and diesel, she said that, the central government had to compensate for the bonds sold in the UPA government. She refused to discuss BJP's strategy in the media.

When Congress came to power, there was a formula of two and a half years. But now, after two and a half years, machinations are underway to prevent TS Singhdeo from becoming the Chief Minister. Those who betray their own cannot be loyal to the state.

Tribals are not vote banks for BJP

BJP does not engage in vote bank politics. Know what former Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh said

During this press conference, former Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh said that Chhattisgarh is in crisis today. Amidst the shadow of famine, farmers are troubled by power cuts. On top of that, Congress is internally fighting for power.

Congress has cheated the people of the state through its manifesto. People will ask questions, and the CM will have to answer. The government should stop the false drama of the liquor ban. All development work has come to a standstill. Bastar is a witness to this. Eleven lakh houses of the poor are not being built in the state due to non-payment of matching grant money.