Change of reins in Chhattisgarh ,Singhdeo likely to replace Baghel

Change of reins in Chhattisgarh ,Singhdeo likely to replace Baghel

Raipur:It seems,Chhattisgarh State Health Minister T S Singhdeo is being elevated as the Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh in compliance with the promise made two and a half year back by the party’s national leadership. Swift changes in political equation have given an indication that Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel is being replaced by Singhdeo .

It is learnt that the high command has made up its mind to hand over the reins of the state to Singhdeo .The scenario is expected to be clear by this evening.Singhdeo had been camping in Delhi for last few days while Baghel has visited twice within the last four-five days.

Several rounds of meetings of senior office bearers Congress continues

State's panchayat and Health Minister T S Singhdeo has been camping. So far, Chief MinisterBhupesh Baghel T S Singhdeo has had a meeting with Rahul Gandhi, National General Secretary K C VEnugopal, state in-charge P L Punia two days ago. Meanwhile, the Chief Minister had returned, but on the instructions of the high command,Singhdeo had stayed in Delhi itself.

It is learnt that Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has failed to convince the leaders of the national organisation. Leaders like PLPuniaand General Secretary KCVenugopal,seem to be inclining towards Singhdeo.

Congress MLAs of Chhattisgarh campingin Delhi. MLA supporting Baghel learnt to have offered mass resignation if the chief minister is changed, but it could not be confirmed.BothPro-Bhupesh and pro-Singhdeo MLA’s are camping in Delhi.

Two parties of Chhattisgarh may merge,JogiCongress is also with Singhdeo.

Renu Jogi had also reached Delhi on Friday.She is likely to meeting with congress supremo Sonia Gandhi.It is possible thatJogiCongress will merge with Congress very soonifSInghdeois crowned with the post of Chief Minister.

The merger ofJogiCongress with Congress will increase the stature ofSinghdeo.


 Majorchange will also be seen in the politics ofBilaspur

A major change is expectedin the current politics ofBilaspuras well as in the state. The inclination of the officers will also be towards the city MLAShaileshPandey. Now it can be saidShaileshPandeywill be seen hoisting the flag in the upcomingprogrammeofBilaspuron August 15. Many such changes will be seen in the politics ofBilaspur.BaghelandSinghdeohave a lot of supporters inBilaspur. Political rivalry between the two is also visible for a long time. This change will also see a big change in the politics ofBilaspur.