"Lone Varatu" campaign yields success for Dantewada Police.

Dispatch News.

Raipur. The policies of the government are proving effective to end Naxalism. In the last five years, 33 Naxalites rewarded with Rs 2.13 crore laid down their weapons. In the "Lone Varatu" campaign, 426 Naxalites surrendered within a year. This broke the backbone of Naxalite activities and opened the avenues of development. The most important of these is the construction of a bridge over the Indravati river.

In the last five years, dreaded Naxalites with rewards of Rs 2.13 crore on their heads. From 2016 to 2021, a total of 33 Naxalites have left the path of violence and returned to the mainstream. Twelve Naxalites have surrendered within the last one year after being influenced by the Lone Varatu campaign of the police.

Dantewada Police had started the "Lone Varatu" campaign in the year 2020. And within a year, a total of 426 Naxalites laid down their weapons. Of these, 115 Naxalites had a reward on their heads. SP Dr Abhishek Pallav said that many commander level Maoists are among those who yielded. Not only from Dantewada or Bastar, Naxalites from Telangana, Odisha have also surrendered after reaching Dantewada.

Dantewada Police has also started the "Lone Varatu Part-2" campaign. Under this campaign, the police will give government documents for all surrendered Naxalites in the Dantewada district, including all 33 hardcore Naxalites. Under the Part-2 campaign, which started about two months ago, the police are organizing camps with the help of the district administration. The camp will help in preparing government documents like Aadhar cards, ration cards, bank passbooks, Ayushman cards, voter ID.  A group of surrendered Naxalites have also been given tractors for farming.


Of these, many Naxalites, including Budhra Sodhi, were involved in the murder of Dantewada MLA Bhima Mandavi. Along with this, many Naxalites have also carried out the incident of the Jhiram massacre in the year 2013.