Four arrested, including an employment assistant for threatening a female sarpanch in the name of Naxalite Vimal.

Four arrested, including an employment assistant for threatening a female sarpanch in the name of Naxalite Vimal.

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Ambikapur, The police successfully solved an extortion case involving a female sarpanch. The accused used the infamous Naxal Vimal to threaten and intimidate. The police have arrested four accused. One of whom is an employment assistant, while the other accused has a connection with the former Naxalite commander Nepali. The employment assistant had made this plan for revenge and to earn money. He threw Naxal pamphlet at her house and also threatened her on the phone.  Balrampur SP Ram Krishna Sahu disclosed the matter.

On February 2 and 3, the Naxalite pamphlet was found outside Sarpanch Sangeeta Pankera residence in village Khajuriadih in the Balrampur district. In it, the Communist Party of India (Maoist) warned that if the woman did not give one million rupees within three days, her life would be in danger.

Her family, including the woman sarpanch, were stunned after the Naxalite threat. The fear spread in the area. The woman sarpanch and her husband had complained to the SP, but the police were initially taking it lightly. Ten days later, the sarpanch's husband got a call on his mobile. The caller described himself as the infamous Naxalite Vimal. Now, the police also took the matter seriously.

Based on information received from call details and through informers, police apprehended Kadir Ansari, Pushanath, Dikku Yadav and Anjay Jaiswal of Chando Bhojpur. The police have charged them under section 384, 386, 507, 34 of IPC  and Section 8 of CG Special Public Safety Act, Section 10, 13 of Prevention of Unlawful Activities Act 1967.

The SP said that Anjay Jaiswal is an employment assistant and had a dispute with his female sarpanch Sangeeta Pankera, so he planned his revenge. Anjay included Qadir, Dikku Yadav and Pushnath in this plan. At the behest of Qadir, Pushanath went to the sarpanch's house and threw a Naxal pamphlet, but on not receiving any money, Qadir started threatening the sarpanch's husband through calls. Anjay had promised Qadir twenty-thousand rupees.

Four people, including an employment assistant, have been arrested. On this success, a cash reward was announced for the police team.