Video of ASI accepting Bribe goes viral, SP suspended

Video of ASI accepting Bribe goes viral, SP suspended

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Janjgir-Champa. The video of an ASI posted at City Kotwali Janjgir accepting a bribe has gone viral. The Superintendent of Police suspended the ASI immediately after getting the information of the case. The TI is also under investigation.

On September 12, 2020, a truck going from Ranchi to Bilaspur was at a traffic signal. A girl got injured by the rear wheel of the said truck. Fearing the crowd, the driver drove to the police station and parked it there. When there was no complaint about the case for a long time, the police let him go in exchange for money. An FIR was registered at the Janjgir police station on the said case on October 4. After which the vehicle owner was bombarded with telephone calls from the police station to secure the vehicle. The owner placed the truck at 9 am on January 23 2021, while going to Ranchi from Nagpur. The truck was carrying about twelve-lakh gram dal, so the owner requested the challan promptly. The investigating officer, ASI RP Baghel, demanded one lakh rupees as bribe from the operator in exchange of quick submission of the truck's challan to the court. When the transaction did not materialize, the ASI asked the truck operator to come on January 25. 

The truck operator reached Janjgir on January 25; the ASI again asked for a bribe including upper officials' share. When the operator expressed his inability to pay that amount; the ASI first took twelve-thousand rupees and then eighteen-thousand more because the upper officers were dissatisfied. During this, the ASI also spoke to the police station in-charge discussing how much money to take. Even after taking thirty-thousand, he demanded a separate amount for government lawyer and photocopy. The truck owner gave him three-thousand rupees more but not the additional amount of one thousand rupees for photocopy. Subsequently, the ASI asked him to come on January 27, but he did not complete the proceedings on that day either. Two days later, on January 29, he presented the challan after which the owner could get the truck delivered from the court. 

Bhilai's transporter Sukhwant Singh, who went with the truck owner, made a video of the incident. After returning from Janjgir, Sukhwant Singh disclosed this and demanded action on the guilty officer. Soon after the matter came to notice, Superintendent of Police, Parul Mathur suspended ASI RP Baghel. There were also allegations against the Thanedar in the case, on which a probe has been ordered against both. Apart from this, the SHO was also removed.