Textbook Corporation blacklists Five Firms.

Textbook Corporation blacklists Five Firms.

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Raipur. Chhattisgarh Textbook corporation has blacklisted five printing firms. The blacklisted firms are Messrs Techno Prints, Messrs Pragati Printers, Messrs Ramraja Printers, Messrs Sriram Printers, and Messrs Sharda Offset Printers Private Limited. They have also informed all the departments about the same.

Chhattisgarh Textbook Corporation has received various complaints against Messrs Sharda Offset Printers Private Limited in the session 2020-21. Following which the corporation blacklisted the firm for three years. Chairperson of Textbook Corporation, Shailesh Nitin Trivedi, assured that they are trying to increase the quality of books that public school students receive free of cost. He further said that this year the textbooks are going to have better brightness and opacity.

All three tenders of Paper purchase, textbook printing and other types of prints are complete. This year fourteen firms participated in the tender process, compared to last year's four. In the interest of the environment, the corporation has enforced the Bureau of Indian Standard for paper, replacing the usual virgin wood paper.

Shailesh Trivedi also added that earlier the corporation spent a hundred crores in printing works, but rates have come down this year by ten to twenty crores. This year the cost of paper was sixty-five-thousand-nine-hundred per ton compared to sixty-eight-thousand-nine-hundred of last year. The textbook paper is brighter and less transparent this time which makes it easier to read.