National level coaching in Raipur for IIT and Medical entrance.

National level coaching in Raipur for IIT and Medical entrance.

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Raipur. Now the students of the state will not need to go outside the state to prepare for competitive examinations for admission in technical institutes like IITs and medical. National level coaching facility is now in the capital Raipur itself. School Education Minister Dr Premsai Singh Tekam inaugurated the IIT-Medical Zone (Coaching Centre) run by Jin-Edu Institute at Civil Lines here today. Mayor Raipur Ejaz Dhebar, President of RERA Vivek Dhand, Director of Coaching Center Prashant Sharma, Gagan Vora, Pramod Singh Rana, Himanshu Sharma, were also present.

School Education Minister Dr Premsai Singh Tekam congratulated everyone on the start of national-level coaching in Raipur. For the first time in Chhattisgarh, IIT-Medical Zone will coach students at low cost through digital classrooms for competitive exams prep. After the formation of the state, educational facilities have increased rapidly in Chhattisgarh. The education system is getting better day by day. He said that this is the time of competition. For this, the participating children must prepare in a way that they can achieve success at the national level. He expressed hope that with the opening of this coaching institute in Raipur, the number of successful students from Chhattisgarh for admission to IIT-Medical will increase.

Mayor Ejaz Dhebar said that along with education, children need more culture. Children of Chhattisgarh will no longer have to go to Kota for coaching for competitive exams; this will save money and time.

RERA Chairman Vivek Dhand said that this hi-tech coaching institute will operate at 16 places in the country. The facility of online and offline coaching will be available to the students here. Students will be able to see and listen to the text material taught on the digital board in the classrooms of this institute operated across the country.