Police successfully exposes ATM tampering gang, 2 accused arrested.

Police successfully exposes ATM tampering gang, 2 accused arrested.

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Surajpur. The police have arrested those accused of tampering with 17 ATMs across the state to withdraw money. The police recovered quite an amount from the accused. The accused got cash by tampering with ATMs of Surajpur, Baikunthpur, Bilaspur, Korba, Pendra, Raipur.

  On August 12, at around 9 pm, unidentified people withdrew 40 thousand rupees illegally from SBI ATM located in Silphili. The police registered a case under section 380. On August 12 itself, a similar crime took place at Vishrampur and Surajpur police stations. The accused removed Rs 10,000 from Vishrampur ATM and Rs 10,000 from SBI ATM located at Surajpur.

Superintendent of Police Bhavna Gupta directed the police station in-charge of Jaynagar Deepak Paswan and SHO Vishrampur Subhash Kujur to form a team and arrest the accused.

Under the guidance of Additional Superintendent of Police Harish Rathore, ASP PS Mahilane and CSP JP Bhartendu, the police team, with the help of CCTV footage and new technology installed in the ATM and on the information of the informer, two members of the ATM tempering gang Mohammad Rashid Ali, resident of Narsinghgarh, and Mohd. Atik, a resident of Tikrakala, was caught with a Swift car in Gaurella. On interrogation, both the accused confessed to withdrawing Rs 40,000 from SBI ATM located in Silphili, Rs 10,000 from Vishrampur ATM and Rs 10,000 from Surajpur ATM with the help of their two other accomplices. The police confiscated cutters, the Swift car used in the incident and Rs 9,000 cash from the accused.

On interrogation, the accused told that apart from Rs 60,000 from 3 ATMs of Surajpur, they have also withdrawn Rs 30500 from 2 ATMs of Manendragarh, Rs 40000 from 1 ATM of Baikunthpur, Rs 1,44,000 from 6 ATMs of Bilaspur, Rs 70,000 from 3 ATMs of Korba, Pendra Rs 30,000 from 1 ATM of Raipur, Rs 10,000 from 1 ATM of Raipur, Rs 3 lakh 84 thousand 5 hundred from 17 ATMs located in different districts of the state. The accused told that after tampering with the ATMs, they used to deposit the money in accounts at different places. Police have arrested both the accused in the case. The concerned police stations were also informed about the ATM tampering.