Nursing students protest against the Government; Rally leads to a scuffle with the police.

Nursing students protest against the Government; Rally leads to a scuffle with the police.

Dispatch News.

Raipur. For the last 3 hours, more than 1 thousand nursing students are sitting on the road of Raipur. All these students are staging a sit-in near the police barricading on the road adjacent to Shyam Talkies near Budha Talab. All of them had come out to protest at the CM house. There is anger among the students due to the stalled nursing examination for the last two years. The police stopped them here. There was also a huge scuffle between the students and the police. The students were trying to move forward by breaking the barricade, but the policemen stopped everyone on the strength of the sticks.


Earlier, at around 3 p.m., loud slogans of nursing students were heard on the road of Budha Talab in Raipur. Students cried that the government is not able to conduct exams; what kind of government is this? With the support of Janata Congress, a large batch of nursing students marched from the protest site to the CM House in a rally. Just before Shyam Talkies, the police team stopped the students by putting up barricades. Due to this, there was a fierce scuffle between the students' police and the students.


Janata Congress leader Pradeep Sahu and his supporters lay down on the road. Students also started dharna on the road and started singing Raghupati Raghav. Janata Congress leaders and students asked the police officers that the government can sell liquor online, but our examination is on hold for two years, is not being taken online.


Due to Covid-19, nursing institutes across the state have not been able to take the examination. Students are constantly demanding that they should have exams, so that they too can begin their career. Consistently about this, the students also informed the Ministry of Health many times about their point. The students themselves talked to Health Minister TS Singhdeo several times by giving memorandums, but the matter did not materialise.


Now, the nursing students are out on the streets, openly protesting against the government. The students insist that they will not get up from the road until someone responsible comes to meet them. The students refused to talk to the police officials.


The students were sitting on a dharna when suddenly a bull entered. Nursing students started making noise after seeing the chaos caused by this. Everyone was running here and there. The police were also scared. The bull that entered the midst of the mob was moving forward, shaking its horns. There was barricading in front, so the bull again moved towards the crowd. After some time, the bull returned from the other side of the road. But the students persisted in their dharna.