Two new electric crematoriums to come up in Bilaspur

Two new electric crematoriums to come up in Bilaspur

Raipur: After a long wait, two new electric crematoriums will be established in Bilaspur district.

SECL has decided to accept a proposal of district administration in this regard and given its nod for setting up of two new electric crematoriums in the district from its CSR fund, said an SECL spokesperson.

A demand for setting up an electric crematorium was being made by the public representatives, various social organizations and district residents from a long time. Bilaspur Mayor Ramsharan Yadav spoke to SECL in this regard, who took the matter seriously and approved it from the CSR item. Keeping in view the constant demands, SECL has decided to provide assistance of Rs 149.71 lakh to Bilaspur district administration for establishment of electric crematoriums.

The first one will be set up in Sarakanda Muktidham and second in the Bhartiya Nagar Muktidham. Approval given by SECL includes pollution control system with electric crematorium system, residue removal system, arrangement of transformer with electrical apparatus and civil work related to it and also 5 years of operation and maintenance, the spokesperson said.

Meanwhile, the demand for electric crematoriums has increased in the country keeping in view the increase in pollution and environmental pollution. It is being used extensively especially during the period of Covid pandemic. SECL is not only helping in the construction of electric crematorium, but preparations have also been made for operation for the next 5 years.

The SECL spokesperson Sunish Chandra said that this amount will be provided at the earliest to the district administration.