CM gives instructions to supply urea and DAP to fertilizer companies as per state quota

CM gives instructions to supply urea and DAP to fertilizer companies as per state quota

Raipur: Chief minister Bhupesh Baghel has given instructions to take immediate action to prevent hoarding of fertilizers and to ensure supply of urea and DAP fertilizers to the supplier companies as per the quota allotted to the state.

Agriculture Department officials have been directed to inspect the stocks of wholesalers and retailers and to blacklist the ones found guilty of hoarding. Chief minister has given instructions to immediately transfer the stock of urea and DAP fertilizers from wholesalers to the retailers.

In compliance to the chief minister's instructions, Managing Director and Additional Director Agriculture of Cooperative Marketing Federation in Raipur took a joint meeting of the Fertilizer Suppliers, Wholesalers and Retailers on Wednesday. He instructed the supplier companies to ensure supply of remaining quantity of urea and DAP for the month of April to June by June 30 anyhow, as per the quota allotted to Chhattisgarh.

Additional director agriculture has directed deputy director agriculture of all the districts to conduct regular inspection of the stock of urea, DAP and other fertilizers available with all the wholesalers and retailers. And in case the quantity found is more than the quantity reported by the retailers and wholesalers, the guilty should be subjected to strict action as per the rules. Instructions were also given to immediately transfer the fertilizer stock currently available with the wholesalers to the retailers, and make the retailers to sell the fertilizer stock available to the farmers at the earliest.

It was informed in the meeting that the difference between the actual wing and the wing displayed at present in the MFMS module is adversely affecting the fertilizer allocation of the state. This is also affecting the supply of urea and DAP. This is why physical inspection of the fertilizer wing should be ensured, and the wholesalers and distributors of the sold stock should enter the module immediately, so that the actually available stock and the inventory displayed in the module are identical.

Additional director agriculture clearly warned all the wholesalers and retailers that if they fail to follow the instructions by them is caught, they would be banned and blacklisted. Managing director marketing association has directed that for the fertilizers being sold through the committees, the committees should ensure immediate entry of the same in POS immediately, in coordination with the deputy registrar.