Coronavirus cases in Chhattisgarh are rising at an uncontrollable pace

Coronavirus cases in Chhattisgarh are rising at an uncontrollable pace

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Bhilai. Coronavirus cases in Chhattisgarh are rising at an uncontrollable pace. COVID figures in the state are breaking records. Chhattisgarh is among the top 5 states in the country with the highest number of patients. The state is one of the top-3 in the country when it comes to death from COVID-19. Chhattisgarh leads after Maharashtra, Punjab and Karnataka in the number of patients.

The Ministry of Health has made the figures public.

In the last 24 hours, Maharashtra has had the highest number of casualties at hundred-and-thirty-two, while Punjab is at number two. Fifty-three people have died in Punjab, while twenty lost their lives in Chhattisgarh.

In Chhattisgarh, Durg has the most active cases right now. The number of active patients in the district is 3462. Raipur has 3148 active patients, 534 in Bilaspur, 475 in Rajnandgaon and 372 in Surguja.

The deadly virus has left a path of destruction and devastation in its wake. A family lost everything to the virus in a matter of days. The couple and their two sons died. Also, a mother and her two kids of the same family are infected. The weird part is that one of the sons had taken the COVID vaccine.

Harendra Singh Rawat (78), a resident of Sector-4, Bhilai, was first infected; he died on March 16. After this, his elder son Manoj Singh Rawat (51) succumbed to the infection. He was admitted to Raipur AIIMS but passed away on March 21, during the treatment. After this, his wife Kaushalya Rawat (70) died of the infection on March 25. And then the younger son Manish (44) passed away that evening.

Prahlad Singh Bisht, a relative of the Rawat family, confirmed this news. He informed that Manoj Singh Rawat had already gotten his first dose of vaccine on March 4. Rawat is shocked by the sudden death of family members. They have also requested financial assistance from the government. At present, his daughter-in-law and grandson are also fighting infection.