Assistant Excise Commissioner dies by suicide on the day of his retirement.

Assistant Excise Commissioner dies by suicide on the day of his retirement.

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Bilaspur. On the day of retirement, the Assistant Excise Commissioner committed suicide by hanging himself in his house. In the suicide note, he has written about committing suicide in case of poor health. The police are investigating the matter.

Mopka Police Assistance Center in charge, MD Anant, said that Thaneshwar Prasad Bhusakhare, 62, resident of Gayatri Campus, was posted as Assistant Excise Commissioner in the Excise Department. He was going to retire on 31 May. On Monday morning at 10.30, he called the driver and asked him to come late. At 11.30 am, driver Jitendra Sharma went to his house, and the door was closed. He called many times, but when the door remained closed, he pushed through. Thaneswar Prasad Bhusakhre's corpse was hanging on the front porch. He had committed suicide by hanging himself on the hook of the fan. On receiving the information, the officials and employees of the Excise Department reached his house. Police and family members were informed about the incident by the officials of the department. When the police searched the body, they found a suicide note in the pocket. He had written, "I am committing suicide by hanging myself for health reasons". There is no fault of anyone in this; nobody should be disturbed. The police have seized the suicide note and are investigating.


The deceased was a resident of Raipur, Jainam Colony. His wife and two sons live in Raipur. Thaneshwar Prasad Bhusakhre had come to the city on a transfer two years ago and lived alone in a rented house in the Gayatri complex.


On his last day, officers and employees in the office were busy preparing to bid him farewell with respect. But, suddenly, they heard the news of his passing and rushed to his residence.