T S Singhdeo declares that State's financial condition is Uneven.

T S Singhdeo declares that State's financial condition is Uneven.

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Raipur. After a long strike, the Panchayat Secretary and Employment Assistant have finally returned to their work following the government order. At the same time, the government pledged to consider their demands. TS Singhdeo has now given a statement on the matter.

Health Minister Singhdeo said that people were facing many problems due to the panchayat secretaries' strike. He said that the Panchayat Secretaries took the right decision by returning to their work.

Health Minister stated that the state's financial condition is not good at the moment. In such a situation, the panchayat secretaries should wait a little longer. He said that many employees in the country are receiving only half of their wages. But at least in Chhattisgarh, the Chief Minister has not deducted the salary of the employees.

He explained that if we increase the salary of the Panchayat personnel; then the Employment Assistants might feel left out. Then, the Mitanins might also raise questions.

Given the situation and the financial condition, all this will have to wait a little more. The pandemic has knocked the slowing economy of the country. At present, the government has no means to meet the demands of all.

The Health Minister said that the state government has not yet received the salary of paramilitary forces for Rs. fourteen-thousand crores. Also, the Central Government has not given nearly 13.5 million rupees to the state government.