Vision of ‘Strong and Healthy Chhattisgarh’ can be achieved only when all the children of state become healthier and stronger: CM Bhupesh Baghel

Vision of ‘Strong and Healthy Chhattisgarh’ can be achieved only when all the children of state become healthier and stronger: CM Bhupesh Baghel

Raipur: Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel inaugurated the state-wide 'Vazan Tyohar' from his residence office here on Wednesday.

Women and Child Development Department is celebrating 'Vazan Tyohar' in Anganbadis from July 7 to 16, during which database of children and their body weight will be prepared. At the inaugural programme, children were weighed in the virtual presence of Chief Minister.

Chief minister said that to achieve the vision of ‘Strong and Healthy Chhattisgarh’, we need to ensure that our children are strong and healthy and none of our daughters suffer from anemia. He appealed that all the children of up to 5 years of age should be compulsorily weighed and evaluated for their nutritional status. He also directed to ensure that all the teenage girls are tested for their hemoglobin level.

On the occasion, Baghel interacted with the beneficiary children and their mothers present at the vazan tyohar programmes held in Atari village of Patan Durg district and in Birgaon village of Dharsiwa block Raipur district, and asked them about the benefits they receive in Anganwadis.

Meanwhile, chief minister also spoke to Anganwadi worker Neelu Parganiha in Birgaon, Dharsiwa block. He asked her about her experience and the status of malnutrition-level in her area. Neelu told that earlier there were 7 moderately malnourished children in her Anganwadi center, but now five of these children are normal while 2 children are still moderately malnourished. She said that along with the benefits of Mukhya Mantri Bal Sandarbh Yojana, ready-to-eat food items and hot-cooked food are also being provided to the children at the Anganwadi center. Anganwadi workers visit the homes of malnourished children and advise their parents regarding the food and nutritional requirements of the children.

During the discussion, chief minister also spoke to Sangeeta Sahu, mother of the child who has recovered from malnutrition, and inquired about the benefits provided to them under the scheme. Sahu said that her child was underweight because of malnutrition, but the timely advise of Anganwadi workers and the ready-to-eat food items provided by them, nutrition-level of her child has become normal. He congratulated all the beneficiary mothers and children of the scheme. 

MLA Satyanarayan Sharma present in Birgaon informed that Women and Child Development Department and Anganwadi workers are doing commendable work. Weight and height measurements of 1 lakh 61 thousand 20 children will be taken during 'Vazan Tyohar'.