Mortgage of the innocent body taken hostage for 30 thousand

Mortgage of the innocent body taken hostage for 30 thousand

Returned to the family on SDM instructions

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Raigarh. The body of an 8-year-old innocent was hosted for a mere 30 thousand rupees and kept in the hospital. When the administration came to know about this, the dead body was freed from the hospital's possession late at the direction of the Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM).

The case is of Radhakrishna Hospital operated under Sarangarh police station area. In this hospital, 8-year-old innocent Bhuru Ram Saarthi, the resident of the village Jashpur of Sarangarh police station area, was admitted after complaining of pain in his stomach and chest. Where he was treated by being placed in the ICU and shifted to the General Ward after 4 days saying that he is now fully healthy. The hospital management advised paying 48 thousand Rupees and take the child home. But, despite the considerable effort of arranging rupees by the financially weak family, this amount could not be arranged. At around 2 pm, the child died. It was told by the hospital management that without paying 48 thousand rupees, they cannot take the dead body. The family somehow managed to arrange for rupees 10,000 and deposited it in the hospital and urged for the deferment for the payment of the remaining amount, but the hospital management did not agree and insisted on taking the body home only after depositing the entire money. After the death of the child, the family was distraught and wandering here and there. They were unable to arrange the remaining amount. When the local administration got the news of the body being held hostage, the SDM Nand Kumar Choubey sent the tehsildar and Block Medical Officer (BMO) to the hospital. There the administrative staff advised the hospital management that they should also fulfill their social responsibility as the family is very poor. After administrative consultation, the hospital management granted a few days’ deferment to the family and allowed to take the dead body of the child late at night. The relatives of the deceased said that due to lack of money, the child was not treated properly in the hospital so he died. At the same time, a bill of 48 thousand was made, in which 8 thousand were discounted and 10 thousand they arranged and deposited it in the hospital. The remaining 30 thousand could not be arranged.

Not Hosted: Hospital Management

DD Sahu, on behalf of the hospital management, stated that the child was not held hostage. These allegations are false. The child had a stroke. He was recovered after the treatment. But in the afternoon when his mother was feeding, he once again got a shock and he split. Due to which he died. The family went to arrange the money. The Administration team and the family of the deceased came late at night and the body of the child was given to them on their guarantee of giving money.

Hospital Agreed

When contacted in this regard, BMO Ghrithlahare of Sarangarh told that SDM Sarangarh was informed about this and on his instruction the administration team and I went to the hospital. There, it was said to hand over the dead body of the child to his family members while explaining to the hospital management about their social responsibilities. To which the hospital management agreed.