Villagers breathe a sigh of relief with the reopening of Sub Health Center in village Mehta after 14 years

Villagers breathe a sigh of relief with the reopening of  Sub Health Center in village Mehta after 14 years

Raipur: Villagers breathe a sigh of relief after the Sub Health Center in village Mehta, situated in the remote area of one of the worst Maoist affected Sukma district reopened after a span of almost 14 years.

Rural Assistant Physician Dr. Rudramani Vaishnav said “both male and female healthcare works posted at Mehta had to struggle a lot for the successful operation of the sub-health center Mehta. Earlier there was a lot of difficulty in providing health facilities to the common people due to lack of infrastructure. The pregnant women have to be taken to the health centers in Konta or Mariguda, while some women used to go to the nearest health centers in the border state of Andhra Pradesh for institutional deliveries. Earlier rural people were forced to go to Konta or Mariguda for health-related problems. However, the reopening of sub-health center in Mehta itself has provided a great relief to locals”, she said.

Soon after the commencement of healthcare services at the sub-center, the birth of a healthy baby girl Laxmi earlier last week sparked a wave of happiness throughout the health center. Mother of the baby girl Laxmi, who had delivered her first child at home expressed happiness and satisfaction over the institutional delivery of her second child under the supervision of skilled medical practitioners terming it to be a “safe” experience. She said that chief minister Bhupesh Baghel, industries minister Kawasi Lakhma, and the officials of the district administration and health department have fulfilled their pledge to provide better healthcare in remote areas by restarting the health center in Mehta.

So far, three pregnant women have successfully delivered their child at this sub-health center, which started two months ago. On the very next day of the birth of Laxmi, two pregnant women Aayet Budhara and Raje Ganga of village Dora Mangu gave birth to healthy children. This is nothing short of an achievement for the health workers of the sub-health center. According to the information received, three more women are expected to deliver babies at the sub-health center in the month of January, said the health officials.

Villagers around the village are also relieved by the operation of the sub-health center at Mehta Village. The villagers of nine villages including Durma, Pusguda, Gangrajpad, Pilavaya, Bhandarchelka, Dabbapad, Nilkatong, and Kanhaiiguda, which are adjoining to Mehta, have also benefited directly from the resumption of sub-health centers, now they do not have to go far to avail medical facilities.