Once stronghold of Naxals & deprived of development for 3 decades, development back on track in Tarrem

Once stronghold of Naxals & deprived of development for 3 decades, development back on track in Tarrem

Bijapur: Tarrem, once a stronghold of Naxals who deprived this village of development, had to wait for more than three decades for basic infrastructures which were damaged in the Naxal violence. The village Tarrem, situated on the borders of Naxal-infested Sukma and Bijapur districts of Chhattisgarh, is again illuminated with electricity, thanks to the untiring efforts of the Bijapur district collector.

To be noted, Tarrem is a small village located in the Naxal-infested Bijapur district and this particular village had been the stronghold of Naxal activities.

According to information, the villagers of this village had last seen the electricity 80s. This village was almost isolated due to continuous Naxal violence. Naxalites had damaged all the roads leading to this village so that government agencies could not reach the villagers with the benefits of the development/welfare schemes. This had witnessed many dreaded Naxal incidents in the last three decades.

The road was constructed just a year back and now school and a health centre have also come up giving a ray of hope to these villagers. Now this village, 500 km from capital Raipur, had received electricity just a month ago, thanks to the District Collector Ritesh Agrawal.

No development could be possible in the village owing to violent incidents committed by the Naxalites.

During the 80s, Tarrem and Jagargunda were known as trade centres for forest products. There were roads, an ashram (shelter school), health facility, electricity, bus routes etc. The villagers were living a normal life but after the 80s due to the stronghold of the Naxals, they demolished all the government infrastructures. They closed roads due to which villagers were forced to shift to Awapalli and Bijapur," DM Ritesh Agarwal said.

 Many villagers had to leave their native place due to violence by Naxals and migrate to safer locations said the District Collector.

The District Collector informed that the administration had to face obstruction from Naxals during the construction of roads and many security personnel also lost their lives.

"We had faced many hurdles and challenges during the construction of roads from Bijapur to Awapalli to Basaguda. Many security personnel sacrificed their lives during the construction of roads, many times roads were cut by Naxals and construction vehicles were also set on fire," Agarwal said.

A police station was inaugurated in Tarrem on January 1. After that, road construction began. A road from Basaguda, as well as electricity lines, were laid from Basaguda which is 15 kilometres from Tarrem, Agrawal said

According to residents of the village, roads were constructed one year back and now their houses are illuminated with electricity, reached the village one month back. The village now has a panchayat building and Anganwadi centre. The administration has constructed a school and health centre.