Shyam Kumar Shukla receives Best Architect Award-2021

Shyam Kumar Shukla receives Best Architect Award-2021

Raipur: Eminent architect Shyam Kumar Shukla has bought laurels to the state, recieving Best Architect Award-2021 at an award function held recently in the national capital.

Renowned Bollywood actress Prachi Desai conferred the award to Shukla. Shukla has been providing his service to this field since 24 years and he has been quite versatile working in various sectors like commercial, residential and communal and have his projects in various cities of our country. 

In addition to being dedicated towards his professional job, he is also passionate about religious and communal work and for which he has designed various temples, mosques and gurdwaras and other community centers, whose designs are so magnificent and mesmerising to hold position in our country and he charges no fee for this service given by him as he believes that it his duty to thank god and people for believing in him so much. 

Some of his glorious achievement which made him earn this prestigious award of best architect in India includes Rajiv plaza which was constructed in 2002 is one of the biggest shopping and commercial complex of Bilaspur. 

Besides, Shukla being an all-rounder of his field, by working in all types of project like high rise buildings, big and small township projects, luxury hotels, school, collage, shopping mall, amusement parks, movie theatres, sports complex, commercial complexes and the list continues. In 2007 he was even honoured with nations abhiyanta ratan award. He is also the senior architect of Bilaspur smart city comity and have been giving his valuable suggestions to make our city Bilaspur better and the implementation of which has helped in transforming our city into its better version. 

Besides, he has been an architect to Mahamyaya mandir trust since 1997 and has worked very hard to improve the facilities and infrastructure of the temple to provide better facilities to pilgrims coming there to seek blessing of the goddess.