After meeting Badshah, Sahadev of Sukma might also get a chance to participate in Indian Idol.

After meeting Badshah, Sahadev of Sukma might also get a chance to participate in Indian Idol.

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Sukma. Sahadev, a resident of Sukma, will now be seen in Indian Idol. The show's creative team from Mumbai has spoken to Sahdev. Soon he might leave for Mumbai. 12-year-old Sahdev of Sukma district of Chhattisgarh is making headlines across the country. Two days ago, after meeting famous rapper Badshah, when he received a call from Indian Idol. The team of the show spoke to Sahdev for about 15 minutes.

The Indian Idol production house contacted Sahdev at around noon on Thursday. In the first call, the team talked to Sahdev for about 15 minutes while Pintu Manikpuri, a local youth, spoke for about 6 minutes. They asked Sahdev about his family background and asked him to come to Mumbai. The production house said that the second call might come on Thursday night. But, they haven't received any calls till now.


The financial condition of Sahadev's family is not good at all. His father is a farmer, and they have a difficult time getting two square meals a day. After meeting Badshah, when the father found out that his son has received a call from Indian Idol and has to go to Mumbai, he hesitated a bit. He said that this is the time of cultivation, if we go now, how will we plant grains? If there is no grain, we will starve. A local youth Pintu Manikpuri explained to him and asked him to consider the future of his child. After this, the father agreed. Pintu has also appealed to the people for financial help.


Recently, Badshah also made a video on Bachpan Ka Pyaar Mera Bhool Nahi Jaana Re that trended on social media. Then somehow, he contacted Sahadev. After talking by video calling, Sahdev went to Chandigarh. Badshah spent about 6 hours with Sahdev and also made a short video album. At the same time, he told Sahdev that if you want to make a career in singing, then I will bear all the expenses of your studies. To which Sahadeva has also agreed.