Chhattisgarh to introduce Child Budget for the first time

Chhattisgarh to introduce Child Budget for the first time

Raipur: Chhattisgarh government will start special “Child Budget” for the first time with 4-5 departments making allocation for schemes for children.

The concept of child budget has been implemented in Kerala, Karnataka and Assam while the Bihar government has already prepared an SOP for the child budget. This child budget is part of the UNICEF plan, which incorporates children's health and educational development into the Sustainable Development Goals (Sustainable Development Goals - SDGs). Chhattisgarh has also incorporated this scheme in its CG SDG vision for 2030.

WCD minister Anila Bhediya said that proposals are being made. It will include schemes of departments including Health, School Education along with Women and Child Development working for children welfare.

State planning commission deputy chairman Ajay Singh said that the state planning commission and the finance department are working on it. It will be prepared soon after meeting with the chief minister.

Meanwhile, about 8 lakh children are born every year in the state and the number of newborn to 18 years old children in this state is around 80 lakhs. Half a dozen departments of the government-run several schemes for their development. The Women and Child Development department is the core department among these which is alone spending Rs 1400 crores on children out of its budget of Rs 2200 crore this year, while the Health Department spends Rs 85 to Rs 90 crore. This amount is spent only on vaccination, child heart plan, nuclear implant, and mother-child scheme.

Besides, the school education department is spending Rs 14,000 crore on 56,000 children studying in primary to higher secondary schools. These schemes are implemented every year in both departments with an increase of 10%. In addition, Scheduled Tribes Welfare, Labor, and Social Welfare also spend a large amount on schemes related to children. Plans will be implemented with complete coordination by bringing all these under one roof.

Chief minister has called upon a meeting of ministers to discuss the same. Besides, the state planning commission will also plan for the same with secretaries.

As per top official sources, the child budget will be the fourth conceptual budget since 2013. Earlier, the BJP government has presented the Outcome Budget, Gender Budget, Youth Budget, and Agriculture Budget.