High Level Scrutiny Committee upheld SDM decision to cancel the caste certificate of Richa Jogi, Congress expresses satisfaction over the decision

High Level Scrutiny Committee upheld SDM decision to cancel the caste certificate of Richa Jogi, Congress expresses  satisfaction over the decision

Raipur: The High Level Scrutiny Committee formed to examine the caste certificates has upheld the decision of the SDM to cancel the caste certificate of daughter-in-law of former chief minister of Chhattisgarh Ajit Jogi Richa Jogi.

The High Level Scrutiny Committee headed by tribal development secretary DD Singh rejected Richa Jogi's claim that her ancestors belonged to Gond tribe. In its 16-page judgement, the Scrutiny Committee has based the report of the Vigilance Cell, the land and educational documents given by Richa Jogi and the statements of the people of her ancestral village to dismiss the claim of Richa Jogi.

The investigation committee has concluded that Richa Jogi could not substantiate the claim of her ancestors being of the Gond tribe. In such a situation, her caste certificate issued from Mungeli on July 27, 2020 is canceled. The Deputy Superintendent of Police of the Scrutiny Committee has also been authorized to confiscate her caste certificate. Earlier, the high level caste certificate scrutiny committee had also rejected the certificate of Richa Jogi's father-in-law and former Chief Minister Ajit Jogi.

In the facts mentioned by the investigation committee in its decision, the whole story of the caste of Richa Jogi's ancestors seems to be entangled in the layers of conversion. In support of the caste certificate, Richa Jogi had told her ancestors to be residents of Pendridih village of Mungeli district. Investigation revealed that her ancestor Varnavasi Sadhu, resident of Vishrampur district Baloda Bazar had bought land here in 1940. Her ancestor's name is recorded in an English medium school in Baloda Bazar, but the caste is written as Christian. In the school documents of Richa Jogi herself, Christian is recorded in the caste column. In 12 documents of land purchase and sale, Richa Jogi herself and her ancestors have described themselves as Christians (non-tribals by birth).

The investigation committee has also recorded the statement of Richa Jogi's mother Rashmi Kanta Sadhu in its decision. According to her statement, her father-in-law's father's name was Varnavas Sadhu, who was a pastor in the church. Previously he was in Pendra Road. Later he shifted and stayed at many places like Vishrampur, Jarhagaon, and Mungeli. Richa Jogi's mother has told that she has heard about her husband's ancestors that they belonged to the Gond caste who later converted to Christianity. At the same time, she has also said that she has no information regarding the caste of his maternal uncle.

JCCJ state president and Richa’s spouse Amit Jogi took to twitter asking chief minister to tell the caste of him and his wife.

Meanwhile, the ruling Congress has expressed satisfaction over cancellation of caste certificate. State Congress spokesperson RP Singh said that justice has been done to the tribal community with the cancellation of this caste certificate. First the father, then the son and later the daughter-in-law also killed the rights of the tribal society by forgery. Even in the BJP government, the truth of the caste certificate was kept hidden in connivance with the then chief minister Dr Raman Singh. The chief minister Bhupesh Baghel-led government has made it clear that there will be no injustice to the tribal community.

On the contrary, Janata Congress Chhattisgarh (JCCJ) spokesperson Bhagwanu Nayak said that this is a conspiracy of the government. This was likely the culmination of the efforts made by the government to stop Jogi family from contesting Marwahi elections. We have filed a case in the High Court. This is a fight for self-respect and will be fought through constitutional means.