The Historic decision by CSWC: 61 women to get job in Nagarnar NMDC Plant

The Historic decision by CSWC: 61 women to get job in Nagarnar NMDC Plant

Raipur: In a historic decision, Chhattisgarh State Women Commission (CSWC) found as many as 61 women eligible for jobs in Nagarnar NMDC Steel Plant during a hearing by the Commission on Tuesday. The decision was taken on the basis of equal rights on the property for women.

The hearing of as many as 98 cases, including cases of women seeking equal rights for women, pertaining to Bastar district was conducted in the presence of Commission chairperson Dr. Kiranmayee Nayak at the Collectorate here. The written report prepared was submitted to the Commission. As per the cut-off date of December 25, 2006, only 18 women were found eligible for the job, but Nayak this cut-off rule is not applicable here. Daughters have rights on the property of their fathers since their birth and therefore they should be given equal rights.

District Collector Rajat Bansal said that Hindu Uttaradhikari Ashiniyam 2005 has been amended and a recent decision by the Supreme Court has given equal rights to son and daughter of a family as far as parental property is a concern.

Out of 71 cases, directives were issued for one-time settlement and job. It was directed to examine these ten cases and submit the report to the Commission within 10 days so that a lawful decision is taken.

Meanwhile, 61 women were declared eligible for jobs and NMDC Hyderabad Office was directed by the District Collector for necessary action in this direction. Besides, 20 cases related to dowry harassment, workplace harassment, and mental harassment were disposed of on the spot.

The Commission decision has brought cheers

The woman, who got a job in the NMDC plant, has been waiting for their rights for the last 12 years. Despite demonstrations and appeal, nobody was paying heed to their demand. The decision of the Commission has brought cheers on the face of the women. Dr. Nayak said that this historic decision was possible when the women came forward to fight for their rights.