Center doing 'Dadagiri' in paddy procurement, alleges Food Min Amarjeet Bhagat

Center doing 'Dadagiri' in paddy procurement, alleges Food Min Amarjeet Bhagat

 Raipur: Food minister Amarjeet Bhagat has alleged that the center is doing “Dadagiri” in the paddy procurement process. They are creating some or the other hurdle due to which paddy is being stuck and sometimes the process is being disturbed due to shortage of gunny bags supplied by the center.

Talking to media persons during his visit to Bilaspur, the minister said that the farmer of the country is upset and on the road for the last one month, but the central government is not taking their demands seriously. No negotiations are being done with the farmers.  

Food Minister Shri Bhagat said that the Central Government came to Delhi with a broad promise, but no such plans has been revealed so far. How the income of the farmers will be doubled is not being told. A conspiracy is being hatched to abolish the Essential Commodities Act by abolishing the MSP.

According to the Food Minister, the Center has ordered over 60 lakh metric tonnes of rice, but rice is not being lifted from the mill. The demand for gunny bags has not been met by the center. A letter has already been sent to center but no attention is being given. He said that earlier also paddy was procured but was not lifted and left to rot.

He said that when the state government made arrangements for paddy procurement at its own level, now the stock of rice is not being lifted by the center. It is understood that if the rice stock is not lifted, then how the millers will be able to start milling. However, he has said that that some arrangements will be done to overcome this problem.