There is no question of tendering apology when the State In-charge has said nothing derogatory;BJP

There is no question of tendering apology when the State In-charge has said nothing derogatory;BJP

Raipur: The BJP leaders rejected the demand of Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel and his Cabinet ministers for an apology from BJP Chhattisgarh In-charge D Purandeswari for the latter’s alleged objectionable statement during the Chintan Shivir in Bastar. BJP leader said that Purandeswari wanted to say ‘Phukna’ (blow) not ‘Thukna’ (spit). she has pronunciation issues in conversation which is unnecessarily dragging by the congress. BJP leaders said that there is no question of tendering an apology when the State In-charge has said nothing derogatory.

BJP Chhattisgarh unit has said that the Congress in the state has lost its ground and therefore is busy in spreading rumors to hide its failure on all fronts. BJP leaders including state president Vishnudeo Sai, former minister Ajay Chandrakar and MP Sunil Soni on Saturday said that the Chief Minister again showed his strength in the press conference with his nine cabinet ministers on Saturday and question as to why the remaining three ministers did not attend the conference.

Sai said that Purandeswari wanted to say ‘Phukna’ (blow) not ‘Thukna’ (spit). According to Congress, D Purandeswari had insulted the Chhattisgaria and Congress through her statement, ‘If BJP spits, Congress workers will be swept away during the three-day introspection camp in Bastar from August 31 to September 2. Sai said that the Chief Minister and his nine Cabinet ministers held a joint press conference on Saturday on the aforementioned issue which means Congress is running out of any issues in the state.

Sai said that the Congress is baffled after the historic introspection camp of BJP followed by overwhelming response to a divisional level camp of party workers in Bastar. Chief Minister and his ministers are busy spreading rumors that BJP is doing hatred politics to hide its failure and infighting which had already damage the image of the government before the people. “The Chief Minister has never made any statement over his father Nandkumar Baghel who is spreading hatred in the state. He has been insulting Lord Ram and Brahmins continuously. Will the Chief Minister make any statement on it,” said Sai. BJP has never done hatred politics, but Congress is trying to gain mileage by dragging farmers into the issue, said Sai, adding, the condition of farmers is worse under this government, Congress is struggling to overcome the infighting within the party.   An MLA had insulted tribals by saying them ‘Angutha Chhap’ (illiterate) and using slang for a government officer, he said.

Former Minister Ajay Chandrakar said that the BJP State In-charge D Purandeswari is a South Indian and she has pronunciation issues in conversation. If a single word uttered by the State In-charge can agitate the ten ministers of state government, including Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, it is clear that Congress has lost its ground in the state. Show of strength in the State Congress has become a continuous process and it was evident again during the Press Conference on Saturday. Three ministers were missing from the press conference displaying the factionalism prevailing in the party, said Chandrakar. Surprisingly, a Chief Minister and nine cabinet ministers holding a joint conference for such a ‘minor’ issue, said Chandrakar. 

Will Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel make any statement on Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar who insulted Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Baghelji’s political Guru Digvijay Singh’s remark on Meenakshi Natrajan? Chandrakar questioned. The Chief Minister said Chhattisgarh is the land of Mata Kaushalya, Mini Mata but will he be able to say his family has faith in them, asked Chandrakar. Also present during the press conference were BJP state vice president Motilal Sahu, spokesperson Sanjay Shrivastav, and Kisan Morcha national executive member Sandeep Sharma.