BJP launches blistering attack on Congress during Matra Shakti Sammelan held today in Marwahi

BJP launches blistering attack on Congress during Matra Shakti Sammelan held today in Marwahi

Raipur: The BJP on Wednesday launched a blistering attack on Congress stating that the congress government in Chhattisgarh is against development and is anti-women.

Addressing a Matra-Shakti conference organized in Marwahi (ST) assembly constituency BJP state president Vishnudeo Sai said the state government is trying to cheat everyone and enjoy power. There is a need to reply to this anti-people government. The state government tried to hush up the matter which has come up with the tribal woman here. The Congress is a ‘fear spreading party’.

He added saying that the source of development of Marwahi will become the Matra Shakti of Marwahi. This is the time to bring changes in Marwahi. We need blessings and support from the Matra Shakti in this direction.

Former National General Secretary and MP Saroj Pandey said that the Congress government was completely unsuccessful in fulfilling the promise it had made after coming to power. Congress does not even have its own candidate and is giving external candidates to Marwahi. She said that the Congress does not have a single achievement to be counted in the name of development.

Union Minister of State Renuka Singh said Congress government which came to power luring voters of the promise to fulfill its promises made in election manifesto, has failed to keep those promises after coming into power. In the name of this development, now is the time to give a reply to the government of the state steeped in the joy of power.

BJP MP from Raigarh Gomati Sai said that the congress government is depriving everyone from the benefit of central government’s schemes. The government that is killing our rights and we will have to give a strong reply.

Former chairperson of Women's Commission Harshita Pandey said that the Congress government of the state is anti-development and anti-women. We need to give a reply to the government soon and this by-election in Marwahi is better and right time to do so. 

BJP Mahila Morcha state President Shalini Rajput, Pooja Vidhani, candidate Dr Gambhir Singh also addressed the event organized by Sameera Paikra, former vice president of Zila Panchayat. Former minister and election in charge Amar Agarwal along with other dignitaries and public were present on the occasion.