Raigarh Police successfully rescues six-year old from kidnappers.

Raigarh Police successfully rescues six-year old from kidnappers.

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Raigarh. Businessman Ramesh Kumar Agarwal lodged a report at Kharsia police post yesterday evening against Nikhil Mahant alias Khilwan, his cook. The former cook took his 06-year-old grandson Shivansh Aggarwal on a bike without informing him. The complainant told that they had dismissed Nikhil Mahant on 18.02.2021. He came by on 20.02.2021 supposedly to get his mobile charger. He went upstairs and then took Shivansh on the pretext of getting the boy chips at around 5:30 pm. At around 7:30 pm, when Shivansh did not return, the family started searching and then informed the police. Kharsia Police has registered a case against Nikhil Mahant under Section 364-A of IPC.

 Raigarh SP Santosh Singh reached Kharsia post immediately and gave a point of the blockade in the district. Additional SP Abhishek Verma, with the cyber team, was tracking the suspects and contacting the station in-charge of the border districts. SDOP Pitambar Patel formed different teams officers of the subdivision, and according to the information received in the investigation, he sent the team in different directions.


Based on the information and clues received from Additional SP, two inspectors were dispatched to the Raigarh-Jharkhand route. The SDOP, with other officers, were raiding the local contacts of the suspect. Unexpected information about the planned execution of the kidnapping by the accused became known. The cunning kidnappers were aware of the police blockades, so they were crossing the border of Raigarh using the mountain and inner paths, not the main road. In Kharsia, the suspect had told his acquaintances that he was going to Bihar to mislead the police. Not only this, Khilwan Mahant had taken the child on a motorcycle from home. In CCTV footage, he is on the bike, but according to prior planning, to dodge the police, he left the bike on the way and with his two companions, Amar Das Mahant and Sanjay Sidar, in an Ertiga car. The three accused left with the child and went to Jharkhand. To protect themselves in this event, they were in touch with a gang of Jharkhand and were planning to demand Rs 25 lakh from the child's father.

 SP Raigarh, given the possibility of the accused going to Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, coordinated with the police of these states and requested a blockade, which helped a lot. He was in contact with the SPs of Jharkhand and directed the team chasing in Raigarh. Meanwhile, the accused was going towards Khunti, Jharkhand and a team of inspectors followed this car. They also informed the Khunti police about the accused, who stopped them (accused). The Raigarh unit reached the scene and caught the accused. The police safely brought the boy Shivansh to Kharsia.

In the initial interrogation, the accused confessed to kidnapping the boy for ransom. The police seized a plastic sack, a small vial of chloroform, rope, biscuits, chips, and a water bottle, from the car. Sections 368, 120 (B), 34 IPC, 25 Arms Act were added as per the evidence in the incident.

DGP Shri DM Awasthi has thanked Jharkhand Police for their support. He thanked Ranchi, Khunti, Simdega Police for their cooperation in a tweet. Raigarh SP sent a citation to the Jharkhand Police, especially the Khunti Police, to express their gratitude. DGP DM Awasthi announced a reward of one lakh rupees for the team. The Honorable Chief Minister, Home Minister, and CMO Office also congratulated the Raigarh police.