According to the Rehabilitation Policy, SECL will provide Jobs to the Displaced Villagers.

According to the Rehabilitation Policy, SECL will provide Jobs to the Displaced Villagers.

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Raigarh. SECL will provide jobs to the displaced villagers of six villages which were affected by mining. These were the instructions of the Collector Bhim Singh during the Rehabilitation Committee meeting. The SDMs of the two sections will prepare the investigation report of the affected villagers.

On Thursday, the District Level Rehabilitation Committee met under the chairmanship of Collector Bhim Singh. Along with the Director and General Manager of SECL(South Eastern Coal Limited), rural representatives of the affected villages (Nawapara, Bandapalli, Kusunda, Khedapali, Lat and Chaal) were also present at this meeting. The Collector has asked the affected villager to submit their complaints and documents to the SDM. SECL management will provide the necessary support in identifying and investigating these areas. 

On the request of SECL management officers, Collector Bhim Singh decided to conduct a public hearing in the affected areas. The Collector directed the SECL management to provide jobs to the families affected by land acquisition. Failing to provide compensation even after 5-6 years is a grave concern. For those whose agricultural land was deemed unirrigated; payment of land should be fixed and settled by December 2020, after verification of SDM and Tehsil office. Collector Bhim Singh directed the management officials to establish a deadline for giving jobs to villagers affected by land acquisition.

As per the provision made in the new rules, if there is a delay in getting a job, then the affected people are eligible to receive minimum payment per month. The management has accepted a proposal for the affected family members of six villages. The Collector has asked them to complete the job process in the next two months so that the youth can get appointment letters as soon as they (SECL) get environmental approval for new projects. 

In the meeting, the SECL management assured that they intend to follow the instructions of the government. They also informed that as per the new rules, people affected by land acquisition are eligible to receive a lifetime amount at the rate of Rs. 150 per 3.28 sqft. Additional Collector RA Kuruvanshi, ADM Dharamjaigarh Sambit Mishra, SDM Gharghoda Marble and officers of Industries and Minerals Department were present in the meeting.