"Chhattisgarh Warrior" appreciation certificate will be given to soldiers posted on Naxalite front: DGP Awasthi

Raipur: In an innovative initiative, Chhattisgarh Director General of Police DM Awasthi announced that that the soldiers deployed on the Naxalite front will be awarded certificate of appreciation “Chhattisgarh Warriors” from Police Headquarters for their extraordinary work.

He announced this while speaking to police personnel posted in camps located in all districts of Bastar division virtually on Thursday. The DGP said that the bravery and courage of the soldiers is priceless. The soldiers posted on the Naxal front get out-of-turn promotions and other honors for notable work, but there are many soldiers who do not get this honor. In such a situation, the soldiers who display exceptional bravery will be felicitated from the Police Headquarters.

“Police personnel fight every day, every moment. All are stationed on the Naxal front away from their families on the festival of Diwali. After Deepawali, I will come to every camp and meet everyone and every problem will be solved immediately”, he said.

This is the first time that about a thousand soldiers from Naxal-affected areas located in remote forest areas spoke to the DGP. Before Diwali, there was tremendous enthusiasm among the jawans when they came to interact with their chief and knowing that their problems will be resolved immediately.

On this occasion, Awasthi saluted the sacrifice and duty of the soldiers posted in the Naxalite affected areas and said that women commandos are also doing remarkable work on the Naxal front.  The problems related to accommodation, transfers, advance funds and other demands put before the DGP by the soldiers were resolved immediately.