Teen dies by Suicide after being physically abused by Teacher.

Teen dies by Suicide after being physically abused by Teacher.

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Bilaspur. A Loyola school student, who died by suicide, was exploited by his teacher. Police have registered a case against the school teacher after investigation. They have seized obscene messages sent by the teacher on the student's mobile.

Torwa TI Parivesh Tiwari said that on March 18, 17-year-old Om Prakhar Srivastava, a resident of Devarikurd, hanged himself in the house. He was a student of class 11th at Loyola School. Police took the student's mobile from the room. Sarita Srivastava, Om's mother, said that on March 18, her son's school teacher, Aradhana Ekka, came to her house with another student. She (the mother) had gone out when the teacher arrived. On returning home after some time, the mother found the dead body of her only son. She has accused the teacher of physically abusing her son. The police searched the mobile records of the deceased student. They found obscene messages that his teacher sent through the telegram app. After investigation, the police have registered a crime against teacher Aradhana Ekka under sections 306, 11, 12 of the Pocso Act.

Before taking this tragic step, Om had told a friend that he was committing suicide due to physical harassment by the teacher. The friend then informed his mother of the incident. Since then, the mother of the deceased Om is attempting to get justice.

Om's mother has said that Om participated in Science Olympiad. During that time, he came in contact with the teacher. They became close, and as per the suicide note, the two also had a physical relationship. The teacher made a video of the same and blackmailed him.

Plagued by the teacher's cruelty, Om asked the family to change the school. His family was not ready, so he kept studying under pressure. Later, he left Loyola School and shifted to the Colonel Academy.

Sarita Srivastava alleges that even after Om left the school, his teacher, Aradhana Ekka, used to visit their house when she was not home. Om was once admitted to the ICU when he overdosed on some pills after an argument with the teacher. The suicide note has shed light on a lot of things.