Dead body of baby elephant found in Mainpat-Dharamjaigarh forest division

Dead body of baby elephant found in Mainpat-Dharamjaigarh forest division

Raipur: The dead body of a baby elephant was in a ditch in the forest near village Lalia, situated on the border of Mainpat and Dharamjaigarh forest division on Tuesday.

The dead body of the animal was spotted by some villagers who had gone in the area for cattle grazing. The dead body has several attack marks while both its teeth were also missing. Soon after receiving the information, the forest officer arrived with the doctors and after conducting the post-mortem, the body was buried.

According to official sources, last two days some villagers came to feed their cattle, then they felt a very foul smell. It did not take time for them to understand that the body of a wild animal was lying nearby. So they started searching for the dead body, after some time they found the rotten dead body of a baby elephant under a deep pit in that dense forest. In a hurry, the villagers informed the local forest staff.

Due to that Holi festival, the forest officers reached the spot with a team of three doctors and somehow got into a deep pit and the doctors took stock of the situation. The team included senior doctors of the animal department, Dr. Dinesh Patel, Dr Vishwas and Anil Singh.

After a close review of the dead body, the doctors noticed that the baby animal has several bumps on its body; many of its bones have also been broken. It was speculated by the doctors that the said dead cub may have been playing or fighting with another baby animal and then fell in the pit while rolling. He may not have been able to stand and died due to broken bones and injuries. According to doctor’s estimates, the body is about 6 days old. The doctors also informed that both the teeth were missing from the body and during post mortem it was found that someone has extracted the teeth from the dead body.

As per forest department official sources there is a herd of wild tuskers in this area, which is constantly visiting the border areas of Mainpat and Dharamjaigarh, the said baby tusker also belong to the same.