3 family members of former deputy CM of undivided MP Pyarelal Kanwar killed in Korba

3 family members of former deputy CM of undivided MP Pyarelal Kanwar killed in Korba

Raipur: In a shocking incident, three family members of former deputy chief minister of undivided Madhya Pradesh Pyarelal Kanwar were allegedly murdered by a close relative inside their home in Bhaisma village of Korba district on Wednesday.

As per official police sources, Pyarelal’s son Harish Kanwar, daughter-in-law Sumitra Kanwar and 4 year old granddaughter Aashi were killed with a sharp weapon inside their home at 4 in the morning. Police has taken Harish’s elder brother’s brother in law and his friend in custody for further interrogation. Both of them were seen in the CCTV footage and the friend also has bruises on his body. They were also found in drunkard condition when the police reached them.

Soon after receiving the information about incident, the police team along with the dog squad rushed to the incident spot. According to the information, the Kanwar family is still actively involved in politics in Korba. Investigation conducted so far has revealed that Harish's mother was present when the murderer killed the three. She saw everything with his eyes, after which the attackers fled from the house.

The incident spot is being investigated by the police and it has been revealed so far that Harish's brother had gone to the farm at around 4 am. After some time, three people entered the house. The attackers attacked the three with multiple blows of a sharp weapon, while they were asleep. After which they escaped from the spot.

Nobody in the vicinity has seen the attackers when the incident happened. Harish's mother Jeevan Bai was still at home at the time of attack. She woke up from the screams however; the attackers have done their work by then.

During the investigation, the police have got a lead through sniffer dog that the murderers have gone towards road that leads to Achhimar village. Police suspect that the attackers may have fled in this area. Further investigation is underway.

Harish’s brother Harbajan informed the police that he went for his morning walk as usual and locked door before leaving home. Only then the attackers open the door easily without making noise and entered inside.

SP Abhishek Meena said that we have got important clues; we will disclose the matter by this evening. He said that Harish also used to work in the sale and purchase of land. We are investigating the case with all possible angles. Evidence is being collected and further investigations are underway.

As per sources, Harish showed activeness in Congress politics in the early days however, did not get any big post. Due to lack of attention in the party, Harish joined Janata Congress Chhattisgarh. There too he could not get any big post or assembly ticket. After Jogi's death, Harish was completely cut off from politics and along with his family, Bhaisma, which is his native village, started farming.

After receiving the information about incident, Janata Congress leader Amit Jogi said I was shocked by the news of the tragic murder of my younger brother Harish Kanwar, his wife Sumitra and daughter Aashi in Bhainsma village of Rampur area of ​​Korba district. He was very straightforward, simple and rich in nature. Both of us entered politics together. He organized successful mass movements to protect the historic heritage of Sadhguru Kabir Saheb in Kudurmal from illegal blasting and to save the lives of elephant-affected victims in Lemru.

Meanwhile, many political leaders including revenue minister Jay Singh Agrawal reached Bhaisma. Several police officers, including SP Abhishek Meena, are at the scene. The minister said that at any cost this incident will be exposed and the murderers will be caught. He also spoke to Pyarelal Kanwar's wife.