Life thrown out of gear by heavy rainfall

Life thrown out of gear by heavy rainfall

Raipur:Many parts were cut off from state capital as rivers were overflowing and water bodies were swelling due to continuous rainfall.  

\Met Department issues red alert for seven districts of Chhattisgarh.


Rivers are overflowing, water bodies have swelled and many parts of Chhattisgarh are cut off from state capital Raipur, thanks to heavy and continuous rainfall that have lashed almost all parts place of the state for the last five-six days. Many districts of Chhattisgarh were facing drought like situation and people were tormented by the host and humid weather till last week, but now the citizens of the state pray the rain god for mercy. Life was thrown out of gear by the record rainfall.

According to information Gariabanddistrict was cut off from the capital, Raipur and Jagdalpur highway was also closed owing to overflowing of rainwater. State government has issued red alert in seven districts of the state which may witness heavy rain in the next few hours. According to Chief Minister BhupeshBaghel, farmers of the state must be happy to receive adequate the rainfall required for kharif crops. 

Flood like situation was created in cities and villages of the state owing to continuous heavy rainfall. The highway connecting Gariaband and Raipur has been closed as the roads here submerged. Raipur-Jagdalpur highway has also been closed. Vehicles are being diverted. 


Flood near famous tourist spot Ghatarani

Meteorological Center Raipur has issued warning of heavy to very heavy rainfall at one or two places in MungeliKabirdhamBemetaraRajnandgaonBalodDurg and Kanker districts, and adjoining districts. There is also a possibility of lightning in these areas. On the other hand, low level warning of heavy rainfall has been issued for Raigarh, BilaspurJanjgir-ChampaKorbaBaloda Bazar, Raipur, GariabandDhamtariMahasamundNarayanpur and Kondagaon districts.

Heavy rain is also expected at one or two places in KoriyaSurajpurSurgujaJashpurBalrampurBastarDantewadaSukma and Bijapur districts in the next 24 hours, according to meteorological department. 

The road near Gariaband was submerged in floods. Villages of adjoining villages were being evacuated by the local administration.

17 out of 22 gates of Sikaser dam opened

The dams are also in spate due to heavy rains, making administration to release 15,000 cusecs of water from the Sikaserdam. 

Officer-in-Charge Uttam Singh Dhruvsaid that 17 out of 22 gates of the dam were opened. Water is also being released from the West Weir. The power generation unit installed in the dam has also been made operational. From this the water goes directly into the Pairi River.

Jail Road, College, MajerkataPairiColony, Kokdi Amadi areas of Gariabanddistrict headquarters was flooded with knee-height water. Water had entered the villages of PatoraChikhaliPatharMohandaBhilaiNahargaonMalgaonBarukaJalkumbhiGahdar situated on the banks of the river. The administration has started evacuating the villages living in the lower reaches of the river. The administration has been ordered for relief in the flood-hit areas.