Harshita Pandey criticizes State Women's commission as Anti-Women.

Harshita Pandey criticizes State Women's commission as Anti-Women.

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Bilaspur. Former Chairperson of State Women's Commission, Harshita Pandey, has reacted sharply on Kiranmayi Nayak's (Current President of the Women's Commission) statement. Harshita Pandey declared that the State Women's Commission was working more like the Anti-Women Commission, and termed the President's comments as irresponsible.

Harshita Pandey said that the President's statement that most women enter a relationship with consent and later cry rape is unacceptable. "According to the Current President of Women's Commission, It's the women who bear the blame in most cases," she added.

The Former Chairperson further said that the President has forgotten that the consent obtained through deceit or coercion is not consent. A generalized conclusion based on a few events cannot be applicable for all women. Instead, every matter should be seen as independent and examined without prejudice.


Harshita Pandey said that it is unfortunate that the person holding the highest office in an institution responsible for protecting women has such bias. The Women's Commission exists for protecting women and promoting women's interests. If the President Women's Commission shows such prejudice against women, then it would be more appropriate to call it Anti-Women's Commission. She further assured the women that as an advisor to the National Women's Commission, she will always stand with them at every step of the way.