CM's far-sighted vision, timely decisions and determination has brought the COVID crisis situation in Chhattisgarh under control

CM's far-sighted vision, timely decisions and determination has brought the COVID crisis situation in Chhattisgarh under control

Raipur: Chief minister Bhupesh Baghel’s far-sighted vision, timely decisions and determination along with the efficient management has controlled the second wave of COVID-19 before it could turn into disaster for Chhattisgarh.

Doctors, Health Workers, Anganwadi workers, assistants under health department and officials-employees of all the departments have fulfilled their duties with dedication and diligence. This is the reason why the second wave has come to rest in Chhattisgarh. Better management and treatment facility has led to speedy recovery of patients. Chief Minister’s decision to provide free COVID medicine kits at home to the symptomatic patients in urban as well as rural areas without waiting for the COVID test results, and effective implementation of the same has yielded positive results. The patients were saved from critical condition and the hospital bed availability crisis was prevented.

People were also given a prescription for home isolation along with the directions for consumption of the medicines. As a result, the state has started to recover from the crisis of this pandemic.

Presently, COVID test in Chhattisgarh state is 2416 (per 10 lakh population), which is much higher than the country's average of 1511. At present, 33 government and 6 private labs in the state have facility of TruNat testing. RTPCR test facility has been started in 11 government labs and 5 private labs in the state. Rapid antigen tests are also being carried out in primary health centers in rural areas of the state so that the infected people can be rapidly identified and treated, and the spread of infection can be effectively controlled.

37 Dedicated Covid Hospitals and 154 Covid Care Centers have been set up in the state including 6 Medical Colleges and AIIMS Raipur. Dedicated COVID Hospitals has been set up in every district of the state. 5249 beds have been facilitated in Government Dedicated COVID Hospital and 16405 beds in COVID Care Center. The Government Dedicated COVID Hospital has 555 ICUs, 515 HDUs and in addition 2516 oxygen beds. Similarly, 16405 beds facilitated in the Government Covid Center include 3043 oxygen-equipped beds. Private COVID Hospitals have a total of 9596 beds available, 2399 ICUs, 1055 HDUs and 4395 oxygen beds. In the state, as many as 526 ventilators are available in government hospitals and 625 in private hospitals, thus a total of 1151.

Chhattisgarh ranks sixth in the country in terms of vaccination of citizens above 45 years of age and third in the country for vaccination of health workers.