Richa Jogi had declared herself non-tribal while sale of an ancestral land, reveals scrutiny committee order

Richa Jogi had declared herself non-tribal while sale of an ancestral land, reveals scrutiny committee order

Raipur: The order of district level caste scrutiny committee revealed that Richa Jogi along with her mother and brother had declared themselves a non-tribal while sale of an ancestral land in June 2010.

The investigation committee has found that after selling the ancestral land, Richa Rupali Sadhu, mother Rashmikanta and brother Rishabh Sushil have declared their caste Christian. The committee has also stated in its order that on October 12 2020 Richa Jogi in column 10 of the form presented before the committee, stated that his father was living in Chhattisgarh for 44 years. While checking the documents related to posting in the forest department, the caste-gotra column has been found completely empty. Besides, in the reply submitted to the committee, it was told that their dialect is Gondi, whereas Gondi is dialect of tribals of Bastar and Gond tribes in Bilaspur Mungeli region do not speak this dialect.

After the thorough investigation by the committee it has also been revealed that Richa Jogi contested in Chhattisgarh Legislative Assembly Elections 2018 from Akaltara assembly seat as a general candidate. The column of caste has been found blank in the documents of the land which he has mentioned in the property details given in the nomination papers filed at the time of election. Gond is not registered anywhere. During the filing of nomination, Richa Jogi had deposited a bail amount of Rs 10,000, while for the Scheduled Tribes; the bail amount appears to be Rs 5,000. No explanation was given by Richa Jogi in this regard.

Meanwhile, the district level scrutiny committee has rejected caste certificate of former Janata Congress Chhattisgarh (JCC) president Amit Jogi’s wife Richa Jogi. Besides, the caste certificate of Amit Jogi has already been rejected by the high level committee on Saturday. As a result, both husband and wife duo will not contest in the upcoming Marwahi (ST) by polls, Marwahi being a reserved seat and the bastion of Jogi’s.  

Senior BJP leader Sant Kumar Netam lodged a complaint before the District Level Investigation Committee on September 28 regarding the caste issue of Richa Jogi. With this complaint, Netam presented all the evidence, on the basis of which it was claimed that the certificate calming Richa Jogi a tribal is forged. Netam had demanded verification of caste certificate from the committee. On the basis of this complaint, the investigation committee revoked the caste certificate issued to Richa Jogi based on the facts revealed in the fresh investigation.