Positive Health Zone working on Integrated Health Policy from the past four years.

Positive Health Zone working on Integrated Health Policy from the past four years.

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Raipur. “A National committee of seventy-one renowned doctors and experts has been formed to study the implementation of National Integrative Health Policy 2030. This would integrate modern and traditional systems of medicines like allopathy, homoeopathy, and Ayurveda in medical practice, research and education. The policy will be helpful to formulate the integration of the modern medical system with ancient medical science. The patients would get treatment from any medical system, depending upon the approach and severity of the disease. Dr V K Paul, member (health) of Nitti Aayog is leading this initiative. POSITIVE HEALTH ZONE working on the same lines from the past four years have proven testimonies to showcase the change it has brought in the patients life. We focused on health rather than the disease, and the results speak for themselves.” Said Dr Anil K Gupta, Founder Positive Health Zone and Director Shri Ganesh Vinayak Eye Hospital.

Raipur resident, a young female patient Kamkhya Sahu (name changed) was suffering from multiple sclerosis. Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a potentially disabling disease of the brain and spinal cord (central nervous system). She was bedridden and depressed. Every six months, she used to take steroid injections which had its side effects. Once she approached a holistic health care centre POSITIVE HEALTH ZONE, the line of treatment shifted to mind-body brain and soul (MBBS). Mood analysis to figure emotional issues and to bring lifestyle stability was important. Veda Pulse helped to diagnose Ayurveda Body Diagnosis. (Five elements, Seven dhatu, four doshas). Prakriti and Vikruti report helped to choose Ayurveda treatment. Energy Health Scan identified the cellular voltage, which was disturbed. Corrective measures, with the help of psychoneurobics, were taken to restore the patient’s problem. Multi-level working assisted in an early and complete cure. Now she is balancing her professional and personal life.

Research shows that holistic medicine is the belief that both the physical and mental aspects of life are closely connected and factor in the overall health and wellness of a person. Various practices fall underneath this broad umbrella term. “A new medical model is need of hour suggesting that physicians instead of separating the body from the emotional makeup of patients, should adopt a biopsychosocial model.  It is important to examine all areas of life, including body-mind health, interactions with your environment and others, with these interactions being interdependent, not independent of one another.” Added Dr Anil Gupta supporting the National Integrative Health Policy 2030.

“Dhamtari Resident Neha Srivastava who faced lower-limb paralysis, Rambabu with severe depression and suicidal tendency, Sarita Sahu with severe dry eyes, Dani with PCOD problem, Indu Grleha with weight loss issues, experienced the holistic health approach post their allopathic treatment. These patients were treated as a whole person instead of a collection of symptoms. This developed their physical, mental, spiritual and emotional awareness and wellbeing. There are several proven testimonies which can support this unique concept of curing the diseases. ” said Dr Gupta while addressing the virtual press conference. (All the names mentioned are original)

ONE NATION ONE HEALTH POLICY will be a wind of change. Our State government has been supportive of the past four years to promote alternative medicine integration with the modern medical system. We have successfully worked on more than 500 patients who trusted this mechanism of cure. Chhattisgarh’s residents are quite alert towards their health and they are happily accepting this unique format. Creating awareness on social cause “MY HEALTH MY RESPONSIBILITY” since 2018, Dr Anil K Gupta Bagged the Guinness Book of world record too. More than 5,000 people (relevant data can be provided) pledged to take care of their health emotionally and physically.