Bilaspur to get its 5th 132 KV sub-station on the initiative of MLA Shailesh Pandey

Bilaspur to get its 5th 132 KV sub-station on the initiative of MLA Shailesh Pandey

Raipur: Bilaspur MLA Shailesh Pandey discussed in detail with the officials of Chhattisgarh State Power Distribution Company Limited regarding other public interest problems related to the department including power failure in Bilaspur.

Taking in cognizance uninterrupted power supply, the MLA held a meeting with the officials including executive director Bhim Singh Kanwar, Superintending Engineer (City) Y.K. Manhar.

The officials said that there is no shortage of electricity, but power system is disrupted due to rain, storm, lightning damage and it takes time to repair, also due to feeder fault, the power system is also disrupted. Electricity is supplied to 1. 25 lakh domestic and commercial electricity consumers of Bilaspur through 3000 transformers from 4 sub-stations Tifra, Silpahari, Mopka and Birkona. Keeping in view the increasing power load of consumers day by day, the establishment of 132 KV power sub-station is proposed in Mangla area to make the electricity system better and stronger under Bilaspur.

MLA Shailesh Pandey told that the problem of tripping is due to overload. It happens time and again, supplying electricity from different sub-station to the middle of the city is also a problem for the officials of the electricity department. In view of such situation, 132 KV sub station will soon be built on 7 acres of land in Mangala area, after which the people of the city will get rid of the problem of electricity supply.

Pandey said that the demand for the new sub-station was made in the assembly session, as well as the problem was seriously brought to the attention of the government, the demand was also made after meeting the chief minister Bhupesh Baghel, after which the CM solved the problem. Permission was given to build the station; Rs 22 crore has been approved. However, due to non-selection of the place, this work was pending, earlier the place was selected in Sakri but due to objection, the allotment of the place has not been done but now the place has been marked in Mangala. Soon after completing the departmental process, the work of construction of power sub-station will start.

MLA Shailesh Pandey has directed the district collector, municipal corporation commissioner, Bilaspur SDM and departmental officers to work in coordination to complete the departmental process for the establishment of new sub-stations at the earliest so that the work can be started and completed soon and people can get rid of the problem due to power failure.