Police arrested a woman in the drug smuggling case. The woman used to organize parties in the house to make customers

Police arrested a woman in the drug smuggling case. The woman used to organize parties in the house to make customers

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Raipur. On Tuesday, the Kotwali police of Raipur arrested Nikita Panchal from Risali (Bhilai) in a drug trafficking case. Nikita has studied Engineering in Architecture at the National Institute of Technology (NIT) Raipur. Her father Sharad Panchal works at Bhilai Steel Plant and her mother is a social worker. Nikita used to make customers by organizing parties at home. The woman used to supply drugs at the drug parties. Police are interrogating her. Police claim that the names of many more women supplying drugs in the parties will be revealed. On the other hand, the police have not yet arrested the five accused of Raipur.

It is important to mention that on September 30th, 36 years old Shreyans Jhabak of Panchsheel Nagar and 40 years old Vikas Banchhor of Main Road Kota were caught red-handed by the police in front of Polytechnic College Byron Bazaar. 10 grams of cocaine from Vikas and 7 grams of cocaine from Shreyans was found in the probe. Police have so far arrested 12 people in the drug supply case. Inquiries have revealed that the accused Nikita Panchal used to organize parties with Ashish Joshi. Nikita was doing this work for the last several years. She used to make the youth addicted to drugs for her business to grow.

Drug supply in Raipur and Bhilai

A police official said that Nikita Panchal had gone to Goa and Pune to buy drugs several times with Ashish Joshi. Both together supplied drugs to the youth of Raipur and Bhilai. The police got Nikita's clue from Ashish's phone. When the police started questioning Nikita, she first tried to mislead. But when the police became even more strict, she broke down and accepted the supply of drugs. Nikita was in contact with businessmen from Raipur as well as Bhilai and Bilaspur.

Was in a live-in relationship with Ashish Joshi

According to the information received from the police, Nikita has been living in Raipur since 2014. Nikita and Ashish Joshi came in contact with each other while studying. Both were living in a rented house in Rajendra Nagar for the last four years. When asked by someone, Nikita used to introduce herself as an event manager.