High Command would soon reveal the decision; T S Singhdeo

High Command would soon reveal the decision; T S Singhdeo

TS Singh Deo eyes his moment of glory… 

Vibhash Kumar Jha

Raipur/New Delhi. “You always achieve more things by patience than by force”. This famous saying of illustrious philosopher Edmund Burke is almost likely to hold true to the destiny of veteran Congress leader TS Singh Deo.  Despite the negation of the much-hyped formula of “two-and-half-years tenure” for both Bhupesh Baghel and TS Singh Deo, the former Congress president Rahul Gandhi, eventually seems to have agreed on the formula, as hinted by TS Singhdeo himself this evening at Raipur Airport on Saturday evening.

Unperturbed with the over-exuberance shown by the supporters of the Chief Minister,  Singh Deo told media persons that the high command has taken a decision. But it will reveal only when the Rahul Gandhi returns from Chhattisgarh next week. Hence one should wait before any change takes place”, asserted Singh Deo. In the matters of high command, there cannot be any time limit as such, he added in the same breath.  

Earlier Rahul Gandhi had held a meeting with Baghel and Singh Deo on Friday afternoon. Sensing the fluctuating situations within the party at a high level, Baghel, had also made a statement saying that if the party asks him to leave the post of Chief Minister, he would do so without any delay.  In the recent past also Baghel had once said if party high command gives him any kind of responsibility he would be happy to take that task and would try to deliver the goods. This statement was perhaps a preparation, of any future turn of event, if he had to resign from the post of Chief Minister. Even yesterday, after returning from Delhi Baghel reiterated that if party high command asks him to step down, he would do it immediately. This statement was more than enough to give any indication, as to what was in the offing.  


However, Baghel left no stone unturned to remain in power, as more than 50 party MLAs and other chairpersons of several corporation bodies assembled in Delhi on Thursday late night. So much so that they knocked on the door of PL Punia in Delhi at 12.15 am, when the state party in charge was asleep. The MLAs still wanted to meet him and conveyed that they want only Baghel as the Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh. Singh Deo, on the other hand, remained in Delhi despite his Wednesday meetings with top party leaders. Even after this unprecedented development, that might have perturbed him, Singh Deo chose to remain calm and cool, yet stubborn on his stand. This silence compelled the party high command to hold another round of parleys within two days. And that is why, on Wednesday and Friday, if Baghel was having an edge, on Saturday it was Singh Deo who flaunted to have the last laugh.  However both the leaders would have to wait before the final verdict is announced.    

Earlier anybody could guess that whatever Singh Deo told ANI on Wednesday night in Delhi, it was more of a “dictated statement”. Still, he managed to sandwich his aspirations, when he said “Every player who is part of the team, wants to become a captain sooner than later. It is quite a natural phenomenon. And I am ready to take any responsibility if party high command would ask him to do so.”          

Now that the decision-makers of the Congress party have seen the style of both Baghel and Singh Deo, it would be not very difficult for them to decide either way. Baghel is a rustic and seasoned mass leader, who was primarily instrumental in the party’s victory. While Singh Deo has a royal background and has a different style of working. Apparently, it is in the large interest of the Congress party to settle down the prolonged issue of power-share, once and for all, before the party gears up for the forthcoming elections in several states.