The danger hasn’t averted yet, said Health Minister T.S. Singh Deo. There is a possibility of an increase in corona cases in the winter

The danger hasn’t averted yet, said Health Minister T.S. Singh Deo. There is a possibility of an increase in corona cases in the winter

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Raipur. According to the seasonal cycle, the weather is changing in a large part of the earth, winter is knocking and this is the time when cold and cough becomes common. But this winter has raised the concern of many scientists of the world as the Coronavirus can spread rapidly with its greater strength with the cold winds, which can be more deadly than ever. As it has been said since the early period of the pandemic that the Coronavirus does not survive much time in summer, people have been advised to avoid cold, so today everyone wants to know whether corona will become more powerful in cold.

‘Winter spread across the world’

Health Minister T.S.Singh Deo said that it was winter season when Coronavirus spread in the world. After December, there was an initial phase in January, February, and March, at that time it was reported that in some places where it is cold there will be more cases and in the hot countries, the virus will not reach. But in our country along with many other countries with a hot climate, the Coronavirus spread hugely.

It is difficult to say how weather affects the Coronavirus, but it was winter when it spread widely in the countries of Europe, so it is a matter of research for scientists. The atmosphere becomes heavy and moisturous during the winter season, so the small drops coming out of the mouth can stay in the air for a longer time, so it may increase its effect. Currently, it is the subject of research.

‘Need more vigilance’

The small droplets that come out while sneezing, coughing, and speaking, spread the virus. If the atmosphere is hot, these drops will dry quickly, but in the cold, these drops will remain in the air longer and will cause the diffusion of Coronavirus. This is why we need to be more vigilant and careful.

‘The Pandemic has neither ended and nor will’

If we talk about the experience of other countries, the graph will increase once more in Chhattisgarh. Corona's data is dependent on sampling and testing. The more testing is done, the more patients will appear. If we talk about Raipur, then the figure seems limited here, which means it hasn’t ended yet. And the number of patients is increasing in the places where home testing is being done. Nobody knows that when these figures will suddenly increase because the virus isn’t finished and nor will until the vaccine comes. Only after the vaccine comes, we can know how effective it is. Till then, caution is the only effective remedy whether it is winter or summer.