State government determined to provide the benefits of government schemes to the last person of the society: CM Bhupesh Baghel

State government  determined to provide the benefits of government schemes to the last person of the society: CM Bhupesh Baghel

Raipur: Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel said that State Government's plans and development agenda are linked to Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations. State Government aims to leave no one behind when it comes to development. State government is determined to provide the benefits of government schemes to even the last person of the society.

He was addressing the first meeting of State Level Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Steering Committee, constituted to review the Sustainable Development Goals, at his residence office here on Monday. Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations General Assembly include ending poverty, protecting the environment, reducing economic inequality and ensuring peace and justice for all.

Chief minister said in the meeting that state government is making efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals through public welfare schemes such as mid-day meal, Chief Minister's Food Security Scheme, Universal Public Distribution System, Haat Bazar and Mohalla Clinic Scheme, Mahtari Jatan Yojna, Rajiv Gandhi Kisan Nyay, Suraji Gaon Yojna, and Godhan Nyay Yojana.

He released the "State Indicator Framework" prepared by State Planning Commission for achieving the Sustainable Development Goal and the "Baseline and Progress Report 2020" based on the same. In the meeting, he directed the departments to work expeditiously to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Chief minister said that with the 'State Indicator Framework' prepared by Chhattisgarh State Planning Commission, systematic evaluation and monitoring can be done to achieve the targets, which will improve the implementation of departmental plans, programs and improve the ranking of the state. In this framework, 275 indicators have been determined to evaluate 17 targets and each indicator has been mapped to the departments, and various schemes have also been mapped. The indicators determined for each SDG target by the Planning Commission will help the departments to ensure timely completion of all targets and systematic evaluation of the same.

He further added that in a bid to ensure the participation of everyone in the campaign to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, State Planning Commission organized workshops of civil society, business organizations, teachers of universities, subject experts and youth to create awareness about the campaign.

Planning, Economics and Statistics minister Amarjeet Bhagat said that the State Indicator Framework prepared by Planning Commission will be helpful in effectively implementing the Sustainable Development Goals in the state. Planning Commission has also prepared the progress report, in which indicator wise progress has been stated. He advised the heads of departments and district officers to monitor various schemes on the basis of this framework. He said that despite the lockdown, the State Planning Commission has made a commendable effort to prepare this framework in coordination with the concerned departments. Forest minister Mohammad Akbar pointed out the need for quality data collection, improving the ranking of the target-wise state in the index.

State Planning Commission deputy chairman Ajay Singh gave information about the efforts made for achievement of sustainable development goals, assessment, determination of institutional structure, committees constituted for monitoring and monitoring at the state and district level. He said that for better implementation of SDGs, two committees have been constituted at the state level under the chairmanship of chief minister and chief secretary, and at the district level committees have been constituted under the chairmanship of district collector.