PCC takes Disciplinary Action against Tayyab Hussain.

PCC takes Disciplinary Action against Tayyab Hussain.

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Bilaspur. State Congress Committee has removed Block Congress President, Tayyab Hussain, for misbehaving with MLA Shailesh Pandey. Javed Memnon replaced him as Acting Block Congress President. Tayyab Hussain had grabbed MLA Shailesh Pandey's collar after an altercation with him.

On the direction of All India Congress in-charge PL Punia, and State Congress President Mohan Markam, Tayyab Hussain was relieved from his post with immediate effect. Tayyab was the Block President of Bilaspur city block no. 1. He lost his appointment within a month due to the controversy. The State Congress Committee has taken serious note of Tayyab Hussain's dispute with MLA Shailesh Pandey and took disciplinary action. 

On January 4, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel was in Bilaspur and residing at the New Circuit House. Shailesh Pandey and Tayyab Hussain came face-to-face at the New Circuit House premises. People were congratulating Tayyab Hussain on his reappointment as the Block President. MLA Shailesh Pandey commented to Tayyab Hussain that he had recommended his removal because he wanted to see him in a new place. Tayyab Hussain was furious and retorted that the MLA should next time contest Lok Sabha elections. The argument escalated from there and devolved into an ugly fight.

Later, Shailesh Pandey complained about the dispute to the State Congress Committee. The Committee constituted a three-member inquiry committee to look into this matter. The investigation committee submitted its report State Congress president and recommended the removal of Tayyab from the post.