Villagers in Kharsura are taking care of two Bear cubs,

Villagers in Kharsura are taking care of two Bear cubs,

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Ambikapur. In Surguja, Bears and elephants continue to terrorise the populace. These wild animals prey on the villagers, but Kharsura village has bought a new twist to this story. The female bear has left behind two cubs, and now the villagers are taking care of them. However, this work is risky, for if the mother bear sees this, it can attack.

On December 16, a female bear gave birth to two cubs in village Kharsura, adjoining Udaipur Development Block. The bear disappeared into the forest after giving birth. The villagers were in a state of panic after the bear gave birth so near the township. The bear cubs stayed there under the supervision of the forest department for three days. On December 19, the female bear took the cubs with her to the forest. The villagers were relieved, but now again the female bear has left both her cubs near the field. The villagers believe that the bear left its children near the township last night. This morning, when the villagers caught sight of the cubs, there was quite a stir, and a large number of people arrived to see the cubs.

Forest officials say that the female bear leaves her cubs, to search for food in the forest and returns at night. On Wednesday, too, the forest department employees reached the spot after getting information about the case. Under the supervision of the forest department, the villagers feed the cubs.

Female bears are sensitive about their offspring. Villager's familiarity with the cubs is dangerous. If the female bear returns to her cubs when the villagers are present, then, of course, she can attack the villagers. However, the forest department is also advising people to stay away from bear cubs.