Tricolour flies for the first time in Abhujmarh.

Tricolour flies for the first time in Abhujmarh.

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Dantewada. Tuesday was a special day in Dantewada, Chhattisgarh. Abujhmarh, the capital of Naxalites, echoed with the cries of patriotic fervour. Republic defeated the gun. The tricolour was flying on Republic Day in the village of Pahurnar, seventy-years after Independence, where a black flag was hoisted every time on the national festival. The sarpanch of the lost his life for development and tricolour. Today, his son, a DRG, hoisted the flag.

At 6 am on Republic Day, SP Abhishek Pallava reached the village Pahurnar with his jawans across the Indravati river. All was silent, and the villagers who were outside also went inside the house. The soldiers started preparations for hoisting the flag there. Seeing the soldiers, 2-3 children came to them. The soldiers gave them the flags. Children were happily running with the tricolour in their hands. Seeing this, the villagers also started assembling one by one.

The village sarpanch Kosiram had wished the tricolour to be hoisted in the village. He tried it too, but the Naxalites killed him. To fulfil this father's wish, his son and DRG jawan hoisted the flag in the village. The villagers held a tricolour rally with cries of Mother India. The rally was called the Peace March.

The village sarpanch Kosiram always talked about development. He hoped that Naxalite menace would end from the village and the tricolour flag would fly at every national festival. He also spoke to the district administration several times on this issue. The Naxalites did not like it and murdered him in July 2018 two years ago. After this, his son joined the police and hoisted the tricolour and made his father's dreams come true.