Ganesh Idols in Garbage Truck: Employees brought them in trucks and flung them in Mahadev Ghat Kund.

Ganesh Idols in Garbage Truck: Employees brought them in trucks and flung them in Mahadev Ghat Kund.

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Raipur. The revered, and worshipped idols of Lord Ganesha were transported in a Garbage truck and flung of it in a disgraceful manner today. Some videos and pictures of idol immersion have surfaced on social media. The Municipal Corporation bought the statues of God in a garbage truck. Some workers are throwing the idols in the water. 

After examining the videos and pictures, it is clear that some people recorded them on the mobile camera at Mahadev Ghat itself. On Sunday, the Municipal Corporation brought the small idols from different areas of the city in the garbage truck of the Municipal Corporation to the temporary pool built at Mahadev Ghat. In the evening, statues brought in a garbage truck, and the workers threw them into the river like garbage. They climbed on the top of the truck and flung the idols into the temporary pool.

In this matter, the Leader of Opposition of the Municipal Corporation, Minal Choubey, said that the Municipal Corporation should not take responsibility if it cannot operate such a system properly. People who worshipped God in their homes for ten days would have immersed it themselves. The Municipal Corporation gave arrangements to the people. For this reason, well-meaning people left their idols near the temporary pool of the Municipal Corporation. The head of the Municipal Corporation also did not insist on a proper system. There is no monitoring of immersion. Such disrespect for the faith of people is shocking and sad.

 The Municipal Corporation has built a temporary pool on the banks of Mahadev Ghat in Raipur. On Sunday, more than 5 thousand small idols were immersed throughout the day. One-hundred-seventeen big idols were also immersed. Raipur Collector Saurabh Kumar, in a guideline, had said that immersion would not be possible after the sunset. But, the process of immersion continued till late in the evening on Sunday. People also broke the rules about DJ and the sound system.